What the Galaxy S6 means for Samsung

A Look at the Future

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is predicted to be a monster device in more than one ways. It is still a long way off but that won’t stop people from speculating. This is the phone that is supposed to succeed the Galaxy S5. If this were to be followed, then the release date of the S6 can be estimated to be around 2015. That is pure speculation but the gain that is what the gadget world is known for. When a new device is set to come out, people will always wonder what it will bring.

This is a look at what the Galaxy S6 would mean for the Korean tech manufacturer, Samsung. For one, this would be a good opportunity to make major overhauls. There are a lot of things that Samsung is expected to do with its next devices. Samsung has a chance to try out something new with the S5 in 2014. However, the S6 is even a better platform. It’s not possible to tell how the new technologies will be received when the Galaxy S5 or Galaxy Note 4 come out. Samsung however will have the time to make major improvements with the S6.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers more possibilities for the company than any other gadget. 1 ½ years is a long time to come up with better technologies. We have all been beaten over the head with rumors about the wireless technology that Samsung is working on. Predictions are that it could come out in the Galaxy Note 4. It may however not be ready for the S5. That means Samsung will use it on the S6. That would make it the first of its kind with magnetic resonance wireless charging.

Even if Samsung were to launch the Galaxy S6 at the end of 2014 as opposed to 2015, there is still enough time to implement all those technologies and features. The way its going, Samsung may launch the S5 in early 2014. If that is so, then the metal casing that people are waiting for may not happen. That would mean it would be used in the S6. That would be a major selling point for the Galaxy S6.

Samsung will also have had enough time to check out the competition. As the years go by, better devices are hitting the smart phone market. Samsung would have had the chance to see what other manufacturers are offering. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the gadget that will give the company the platform to show consumers and competitors alike what it means to rule the smart phone market.

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