The reader has a nice Cowon X7 autonomy

With the portable media player Cowon X7, access to the audio quality is enhanced by ahost of other features. Here is a player that looks like a small touch pad which offers superb self!

Portable Media Player with HDD

The successor of the Cowon X5 had been expected for quite some time. Here it is available for sale since November. On the menu: a portable media player that looks complete with a beautiful touch screen 4.3-inch matte-or 10.9-inch diagonal 480 x 272 pixels and 16 million colors, presented in a sleek rectangular design rather and robust, made entirely of plastic. The model may be a bit cumbersome to some, features a hard disk with a capacity range of 120 or 160GB (plus a 2GB flash memory). It remains to describe in detail the features and functions it offers.

A well equipped audio player

If only four buttons appear on the model (volume + and – button, start button and menu access), the list of functions is obviously much wider! First, the Cowon X7 offers a customizable Flash interface that gives you fast enough insight into the possibilities that await you. For the musical, there are good recipes from Cowon with the classification by ID3 tag or art display. You can also create a playlist, gapless read (without interruption), manage files and perform searches in the data library. Compatible formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, WAV. In addition to an audio playback quality, the Cowon X7 player offers sound effects with the software JetEffect 3.0 and 4 EQs.
720HD video, photo mode limited

If music is his hobby, the Cowon X7 Media Player also offers video playback. The model manages AVI, WMV, ASF, SMI, SRT and bonus offers several options very pleasant as the ability to split video and classify them into chapters! The photo part is itself limited, since, apart from the hard disk that is being largely occupied by music or video, the Cowon X7 will not allow memory expansion. An FM tuner is built into the model, but without the RDS. It may, however, save stations or programs to convert WMA to different flows. Finally, note that the buttons are programmable in Hold mode which facilitates their use, even in your pocket!

Autonomy and Bluetooth

For use as comfortable as a versatile audio player Cowon X7 is equipped with Bluetooth (for listening from headphones in LAN, but not for transferring files). It loads a line-in, a 3.5 mm jack, another specially dedicated for television and a microwave. If the USB port is present, however no trace port for memory cards. And if the MP4 player is capable of receiving a long list of media formats, MP3 audio file to video such as AVI, via TXT files is actually on the ground of the autonomy that the CowonX7 really shines with ability (announced) to take a listen and 103h 10h video mode! Finally, the model has external speakers, but their record is valid only when needed urgent!

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