The French Table by Kitch’: the touch pad kitchen

The French brand Kitch poised to launch in early 2011 a touch pad called La Table linaryFrench by Kitch‘. Presentation of this new culinary wizard.

A culinary touch tablet

Developed by French designer Ora-Ito, the Table by French Kitch is a touch pad entirely dedicated to the culinary art that features more than 700 recipes with video co-produced Workshop Chiefsspecializing in cooking classes. These recipes were developed to meet the needs of each situation. Budding cooks will find over 200 “daily specials” achievable within 20 minutes, more than 300 traditional recipes for dinners and inventive originals and some 150 tips and tricks from top chefs. This content is free and does not need to be connected to the Internet.

Inventive recipes

Users of the table by French Kitch’ can make many recipes from the ingredients they have. After doing a search in the integrated search engine, the tablet offers menu ideas, entrees, main courses, desserts and even drinks the leftovers from the fridge. The French Kitch’ tablet is also list and then go shopping.

A versatile shelf

Provided to simplify life, the touch pad of French Kitch’ turns into TV, radio and digital photo frame.If they do not cook, the cooks can still browse the Internet via the browser’s built-in camera to find other cooking tips, or check their emails. The French Table Kitch’ is finally based calendar, timer or reminder.


For user comfort, the table by French Kitch’ rests on a charger cradle that holds it in a vertical position. However, users can move from one end to another work plan with ease.

The cost of the French Kitch’

French Touch Pad Kitch’ will be launched during the first quarter of 2011. It will take $ 459 to afford it. Additional revenue may also be purchased via iTunes or the AppStore.

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