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STOPzilla Antispyware

The newest release of STOPzilla is sure to be a pleasure, offering the durable and dependable protection internet users seek these days from their antispyware software.

The core protection functions of the software passed all of our tests without question. Any spyware or other malware introduced to the software within testing PC’s, including Trojans were quickly detected and handled without error.

With the convenient features of STOPzilla, most settings and functions are easily accessed through the web browser toolbar installed with the software, with a user interface that is quite easy to navigate and use.

The resource usage of STOPzilla Antispyware ranged about average, while remaining acceptable for such lightweight software.

There are drawbacks to the software, however, including the toolbar that is only compatible with IE and the customer service options not featuring a toll free number for customers to utilize for customer and technical support with the product.

However, despite the minute drawbacks of STOPzilla, it is still considered to be a very powerful tool in protecting PC’s from spyware, adware, and other types of malware for 2011.


STOPzilla Antispyware Features

  • Manual and Automatic Scanning
  • Real-time Spyware Protection
  • Pop-up Protection
  • SITEGuard (antiphishing)
  • Update Control
  • Integrated Support Options
  • Browser (IE) Enforcers
  • Network Enforcers
  • System Enforcers
  • Auto Start Enforcers

Installation – 93%

Installation of STOPzilla Antispyware 2011 is extremely easy and done through a step by step prompt that is pretty much self-explanatory through each step.

You are offered an installation wizard to walk you through step by step of installation, followed by a prompt for the registration key which is provided upon purchase, and all current updates for the software are then downloaded.

Once installation is complete, you will have to reboot your system for the installation to fully be complete.

User Interface – 90%

Even new PC users are able to easily navigate with the user interface, as it is clean and easy for all levels of users.

All main functions of the STOPzilla Antispyware software are easily directed through the Home Screen including Spyware Protection/Real-Time Protection, Pop-up Protection, and Site Guard. You are given the ability to turn each function on or off without having to navigate to any other screen.

STOPzilla is completely user friendly, displaying descriptions of functions and confirming that you wish to turn off the feature if chosen, making appropriate suggestions pertaining to the need for the function.

There are other useful tools found on the STOPzilla Antispyware 2011 help screen which include “Clear History” and “Erase Cookies”. These are essential functions that ensure a more secure system, offering the ability to perform these functions without going through the internet browser.

There is a section for Quick Settings, which offers the ability to configure the various advanced settings for the software, including updating spyware definitions automatically, sounding the alarms, or even displaying icons within the system tray, and others as well.

All in all, STOPzilla offers a unique and easy to operate user interface for the most optimal use from spyware protection.

STOPzilla Antispyware

Pre-Infected Machine – 100%

Using a PC that we personally infected with various forms of spyware, Trojan viruses, adware, and other forms of malware, STOPzilla was installed within the system to determine the performance when introduced to a machine that has already been infected with threats.

The results of STOPzilla were excellent, blocking and detecting all spyware present, not missing one.

While we attempted various ways to get infected files into the system, STOPzilla caught every single spyware threat, not letting a single one past.

Real-time Protection – 100%

The performance of STOPzilla Antispyware 2011 is also performing at a top level with real-time protection.

Turning on the STOPzilla real-time protection function, we then attempted to infect the testing PC with various forms of Trojans. All Trojans introduced were instantly detected, with STOPzilla stopping them in their tracks.

All spyware files we attempted to load into the PC were also blocked completely and thoroughly by the software.

Any pop-up attempts were also instantly detected and blocked by the software without fail.

The overall real-time protection of STOPzilla is a true example of excellence.

Manual Scanning – 100%

STOPzilla’s manual scanning function scored excellent during testing also.

Infecting the test PC with various threats, we then launched the STOPzilla Antispyware full-system scan manually.

All spyware, adware, Trojans, and other forms of malware were instantly detected by the software.

The manual scan performance of STOPzilla performed at a higher level than expected.

Resource Usage – 90%

Real-time protection: Memory usage: 15 MB, CPU usage: 0% to 2%, Page file usage: 263 MB
Manual Scanning: Memory usage: max 62 MB, CPU usage: 4% to 55%, Page file usage: 337 MB

Definition Updates – 92%

The software offers the option to configure software definition updates to be run automatically or manually, user’s choice. You can decide to receive the updates with no further action or decide which you wish to install yourself.

Customer Support – 75%

The main drawback of STOPzilla’s customer support system is the lack of a phone number provided for customers to access technical and customer support services. However, there is a support section that seems to be sufficient for support.

There are various options available in the support section, including installation and uninstallation options, Top Questions to see what other customers are asking and having problems with, Online Help for online answers to your questions, Tutorials on registering the product, Support Request, live chat support also offered as well.

Although STOPzilla Antispyware 2011 offers an expanded range of technical and customer support options, it just cannot receive a higher ranking without the very much needed phone number for customer’s to call when they need help from a real person. Automated services are great, but there is a need for a number regardless.

STOPzilla offers the easiest and quickest uninstallation process which only involves 2 simple clicks of the mouse.

Using the Add or Remove feature within the Windows control panel, simply choose the program and click uninstall. It will automatically remove itself and its entries.

There were no unnecessary traces found within the registry left by STOPzilla, offering uninstallation that is as clean as it is simple and fast.

Special Features – 92%

There is an extra feature found with STOPzilla software, “SiteGuard”, which stops automatic downloads from being initiated by websites that contain malicious and dangerous content, spyware, or other malware in your PC.

Any malicious sites encountered will be blocked and recorded by STOPzilla, updating frequently. As you are surfing the web, all URL’s are checked through a large database of dangerous sites, blocking it immediately.

System Requirements

  • A PC running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista.
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.
  • STOPzilla requires that your computer be at least a Pentium II 400 with 128 MB of RAM.


STOPzilla has proved to be a good choice for internet users that want a more secure surfing experience. The software performs at a level that is sufficient for protecting against spyware and other malware forms.

All tests we ran with STOPzilla were passed and performed at high levels, with SiteGuard offering the maximum and most efficient protection from malicious websites on the internet today.

There is one little downslide with STOPzilla in that the log file doesn’t offer a very clear description, as you must go through carefully to see full details of any malicious threats blocked by the software, however, this is not a major drawback.

There is a STOPzilla browser toolbar offered with the software, but it only works with Internet Explorer browsers, not Firefox or Google Chrome. This isn’t a problem for those who use IE or those that don’t really want additional toolbars in their browser.

STOPzilla has proven to be a high performer in spyware protection, detecting and blocking all threats encountered without fail, offering a top product for antispyware defense.

Even though our testing showed STOPzilla Antispyware to be 100% effective, no antispyware software can be 100% effective 100% of the time. While we believe our testing was rigorous and objective, there are always new spyware threats emerging everyday. With that in mind, even the best antispyware software can’t prevent every spyware infection, but it certainly can slow them down.

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