Rice – A Great Discovery Of Goodness And Tradition

Rice is a very popular food in the Eastern countries and considered a necessity in their every day meals. Many believed that rice started in China around 5000 years ago. The Chinese people love eating white rice at that time when the influence of Confucious is at its peak. They believed that white symbolizes purity and sacredness which makes rice as one of their primary food.

Rice has become a phenomenon and in the 4th century BC, it reaches Egypt and India. Rice is also a primary product for ancient commerce, exporting it in exchange for other goods in middle east asia. Like the countries today, the ancient ciilization use rise as thier advantage in economic growth and power.

Eastern side of the world like Japan put Rice in the highest respect in adoration of their rice God, Inari. Shrines of Inari can be seen accross the country which represents the religious influence of this great food. In the second world war, Japanese use rice to pay Chinese servants. Rice is a very important food for the Chinese which force them to choose rice rather than labor money.

Aside from Japan, Rice also have a big impact religiously in some countries like India where their way of life solely depends on the agriculture Rice crop. The goodness of Rice can be seen in different aspect of life in our history. It was a symbol of life, faith, wealth, literature and pride for many cultures around the globe.

Today, Rice is a symbol of fertility where you can observe throwing of Rice in several wedding ceremonies. South East Asia countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia, where the primary natural resources is agriculture, makes rice crops as their main dependable core product. In fact, Vietnam and Thailand are the two biggest importer of Rice worldwide.

The more healthy Brown Rice has been around for centuries that are intended for peasants and low class people in Asia. Before, Brown Rice was labeled an inferior product from the more famous White Rice not until scientists discover its health benefits. Today, Brown Rice are much expensive than the regular White Rice.

Rice is a worldwide culture and a food heritage to all of us giving life and hope for all people accross history. We should enjoy Rice as long as we can as this food is a gift from God himself.

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