How to install Ubuntu from USB Pendrive with Dual-boot

Skill: Advanced.
Estimated Time to Complete: 30 – 45 Minutes.
Prerequisites: Windows 7 must be installed to make things easier for Dual booting, Ubuntu ISO file, an empty USB Pendrive.

In a earlier post we have discussed How to install Windows 7 / Windows Vista from USB Pendrive, this time we will be discussing on how to install ubuntu from a usb flash drive or pendrive. Ubuntu is a popular Linux based operating system released initially in October, 2004. It is open source and is distributed freely in the form of CD’s and ISO file formats. It is the widely used Operating system as of 2012 on Personal Computers, Laptops, Servers as well as for Cloud Computing environments.

As I am a huge fan of Open Source, a Workshop in my College made me to install and try ubuntu on my Computer. I was absolutely amazed by the User Interface and Features offered in ubuntu. It is completely a outstanding and reliable operating system available out there.

Some of the features which I’ve liked:

 You can get easily used to its interface as you got with Windows in a very short time, it is such an user friendly operating system.

 Unlike Windows, You can get all the apps installed from your desktop with Ubuntu Software Center. In a very short span you can feel the power of Open Source.

 Libre Office is an application similar to Microsoft Office, but it is powerful which allows you to convert your Documents to *.pdf format.

 Dash home which explores Solutions from Internet. Some of the environments like Python comes Pre-installed.

 Much more, This is the Operating System which you need to try for sure!

If you are starting from scratch, Install Windows 7 first and then install ubuntu. You can refer our Windows 7 installation tutorial link, which is provided above. Ubuntu needs a very minimal system requirements like: 5 GB Hard Disk space, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Pentium 4 Processor. If you have a light computer than these requirements, you can install other variants of Ubuntu which are Lubuntu and Xubuntu.

Getting things ready to install Ubuntu from USB Pendrive

  1. You’ll need a CD or ISO image file of Ubuntu. Ubuntu community used to ship CD’s for free of cost but they are charging around £5 now, They are also providing an ISO image file instead. So you’ll need to download that ISO file which is around 695 MB.
  2. Meanwhile, You should format your Pendrive and download LinuxLive USB Creator Software which is used to make your Pendrive a bootable device.
  3. Now, you need to shrink your Windows Partition. The process is as follows:
    i. Click on Start > Run > diskmgmt.msc
    ii. Select Windows Partition, right click on it and select Shrink Volume.
    iii. Enter a volume more than 5 GB, As I have allocated 100GB to Windows partition, I am providing 20 GB of its space for ubuntu installation.

    iv. Leave the Unallocated space as it is without formatting it.
  4. If you have finished downloading the ISO file of ubuntu, You are ready to go now.  Plug a USB Pendrive and open LinuxLive USB Creator.
  5. Follow these steps in LinuxLive USB Creator.
    i. Select your USB Drive from the Drop down list in Step 1.
    ii. Select ISO / IMG / ZIP from Step 2.
    iii. Leave Step 3 & Step 4 as it is.
    iv. In Step 5 click on the Lightning icon to start the installation.
    v. Now all ubuntu files will be loaded in the USB Pendrive with essential boot loaders.
  6. Now you are ready to install ubuntu on your PC.

    What we did till now:
    i. Shrinked Windows Volume and allocated some space for ubuntu.
    ii. Downloaded ISO file of ubuntu and LinuxLive USB Creator.
    iii. Copied boot loaders and all essential installation files using LinuxLive USB Creator.

  7. Restart your PC and keep hitting F10 key to enter BIOS. Head to Boot tab and change Boot order with USB Priority and Exit saving all the changes.
  8. Now your Computer should boot into USB Pendrive and ubuntu installation will now start.
  9. You can understand installation procedure very easily, But go slowly.
  10. Important step: Installation will prompt you to about ubuntu installation along with Windows 7 or to install a fresh copy of ubuntu.
  11. If everything goes well, You’ll see a start screen with dual boot of Ubuntu and Win 7.

Here is a screenshot of beautiful ubuntu desktop:

Hope you understood this simple tutorial about installing ubuntu from Pendrive with Dual booting. If you have any doubts regarding installation process, post them in comments section.

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