Google Body Browser: a Google Earth of the human body, and soon

Body Browser: a Google Earth of the human body, and soon

Gadget for medical students, high school and hypochondriacal, Body Browser allows you to walkin a human body to visualize, by selection, muscles, organs, vascular system, etc.. But what doesWeb service currently works only on experimental versions of both browsers.

After the Earth, the oceans, the Moon, Mars and the sky, Google crawls the human body. An online application, Body browser, in fact offered to scrutinize from every angle and depth, acomely young woman. She appears at the bottom and a command similar to the Google Earthrotates in all directions. Similarly, the mouse wheel zoom is used.

A side slider, move up and down, given the choice between six different: the outer body, muscles,skeleton, organs, vasculature (blood vessels and lymphatic) and nervous system.

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