CounterSpy is fast and effective antispyware software for your enterprise


Counterspy Antispyware released for the New Year has shown itself to be an optimal choice for spyware protection, offering various tweaks and additions to ensure enhanced and maximized security.

Our testing of Counterspy Antispyware has proved the software to be much better than expected, providing a 100% protection rate against testing spyware introduced to the software. This proves to be by far the best results in antispyware.

The installation process of Counterspy is quick and easy without failure in any of the 3 core security functions.

When it comes to resource usage of Counterspy Antispyware 2011, we enjoy a lite usage, much more so than other antispyware software on the market today. There is great appreciation as well for the excellence in customer service provided to Counterspy users.

Counterspy ranks as the best antispyware tested for 2011, offering optimal and enhanced extra features in addition to the most thorough protection from the latest spyware threats.

CounterSpy is fast and effective antispyware software for your enterprise

CounterSpy Antispyware Features

  • VIPRE anti-malware engine
  • Sunbelt anti-rootkit technology
  • Real-time Active Protection
  • Scan Scheduling
  • Signature-based detection
  • Behavioral-based detection
  • Heuristic-based detection
  • System Tools
  • Secure File Eraser
  • History Cleaner
  • PC Explorer
  • Antispyware certified

Installation – 80%

Although installation of Counterspy Antispyware has been determined as easy, involving a simple process, it still maintains a few more steps than other tested antispyware software.

There was an installer prompt for an initial antispyware definition update search, which appears after completion of the installation. There is, however, a longer duration to downloading of the updates than with other antispyware available.

There was no need to restart the computer after installation is complete.


User Interface – 92%

While you won’t find a spectacular interface to the software, there are many elements that ensure top rated software.

Users of Counterspy Antispyware 2011 can enjoy an easy transition from screen to screen, avoiding the need for drop-down lists for navigation. This provides an easier and more convenient use of the software, without having to continuously click on links and tabs to get in the right screen.

There is a clear and concise, yet simple main home page that offers optimal navigation to all screens of the application.

Pre-Infected Machine – 100%

To determine Counterspy’s performance when installed on computers already infected by spyware and other forms of malware, we installed onto a PC with specific infections. The software performed perfectly when installed.

There were 22 infections in all, 5 of which were Trojan infections, 17 were spyware and other forms of malware. There were 6 attempting to modify the PC’s registry entries, 10 attempting to change settings of Internet Explorer, and one attempting to access the network hosts file to make additional entries.

After infection of the PC, Counterspy Antispyware 2011 was installed, after which it began a self-launched scan to detect any threats.

All spyware and other malware infections were detected, providing one of the most thorough and accurate scans.

Counterspy’s current success rate for detection of heavy Trojans and other spyware is 100%.

Real-time Protection – 100%

Once again, Counterspy Antispyware rated a perfect score with the testing.

After engaging the Counterspy Antispyware, there were massive hits given to the test PC’s of spyware as well as Trojan-ware and other types of malware. Each threat was detected as well as blocked without failure.

All Trojans accessed by the antispyware were immediately detected, while all accessed spyware files were also detected as well as blocked each time.

Any pop-ups attempting to access the PC were blocked instantly.

This was yet another of Counterspy’s perfect performances.

Manual Scanning – 100%

After infecting two separate sets of files within the testing PC, we manually engaged a full system scan.

All Trojans released into the system were detected during manual scanning, as well as any spyware or other types of malware files present in the PC’s system.

Resource Usage – 97%

Counterspy Antispyware 2011 is highly praised for its lite resource use, allowing function of the PC to continue normally even during antispyware functions.

During the real-time protection of the antispyware software, there was only 6MB of memory used with 0% to 2% CPU usage, and as files were accessed, there was only 139MB of memory in use.

During manual scanning of the full system, there were no indicated significant signs of a slowed system, with browsing and normal PC function performing as usual.

During Counterspy’s manual scan, there was still an ultra-low memory use, reaching from 60KB up to a maximum of 104KB. The CPU usage was still lite, only utilizing 8% to 50% of usage. At the peak of use during file access, use reached up to 148MB.

The resource usage of Counterspy Antispyware 2011 is highly impressive when compared to other tested antispyware software, ensuring an optimal performance from the PC, even during antispyware functions that are known to slow PC’s down with other software.

Real-time protection: Memory usage: 6 MB, CPU usage: 0% to 2%, Page file usage: 139 MB

Manual Scanning: Memory usage: 60-104 KB, CPU usage: 8% to 50%, Page file usage: 148 MB

Definition Updates – 96%

Counterspy conveniently offers configuration options for the software definition updates. These options include the setting of automatic update downloads, or even manual for those who rather choose what to install.

Customer Support – 100%

The creators of Counterspy Antispyware, Sunbelt (GFI), have been long known for excellence in customer support, offering an array of communication options including support by phone, email, forum discussions, and live chat as well, with a wide knowledge base also available for answers to your questions. All these resources are provided to customers for no cost.

Technical support, as well as customer service and support is U.S. based, offering fluent English-speaking representatives, accessible all across the world.

When using the antispyware software, each screen offers help options to answer any questions or solve any problems you may encounter.

The customer service and customer/technical support offered for Counterspy users is top of the line for such software, with competition difficult.

Un-Installation – 98%

If ever there is a reason to uninstall the Counterspy Antispyware 2011 software, it is extremely quick and simple. Uninstalling software is as easy as using your OS program removal feature, which will follow a very easy process.

After uninstallation is completed, there is a system reboot required before the program is completely removed from the PC.

After uninstalling Counterspy from the testing PC’s, there were no harmful traces in the registry detected.

All in all, uninstalling the software is completely clean and extremely simple.

Special Features – 90%

There are several special features offered with Counterspy, all of which offer the elements that allow Counterspy work so well and stand out amongst the antispyware software in the market, ensuring that PC’s are clean and safe from the several threats online.

Secure File Eraser: Deleting files from a PC doesn’t always remove the files completely, many times leaving traces and information behind. This can lead to vulnerabilities, as this information can be accessed and spread through the net by spyware infections. Secure File Eraser is offered to ensure that deleted files remain deleted forever, with full and permanent deletion of every part of the files.

Handling of Unknown Programs: This is a more advanced feature of Counterspy that allows users to maintain full control of their PC and the protection within the system. This is an optional feature of the software and allows users to decide how they wish to treat programs that are introduced for installation on the PC. Programs that are installed on a PC will change registry entries and various settings, which is why this feature is so valuable. Instead of allowing installations to start automatically, you can decide whether to allow the program or block it, which is classified and categorized by Counterspy for future programs of the same nature. Users are also able to set the configuration according to the programs they often encounter and how to treat each.

Scan Options: This is a very attractive feature of Counterspy, offering the user the ability to decide what to scan, including archives, running process, USB drives upon inserting into the port, as well as make up for any missed scans through a quick scan. Typically, the system can become a bit slower when there are scans in progress; however, Counterspy allows users the chance to opt for a low priority scan, ensuring normal performance from the PC even during the scan.

Risk Detection Statistics: This is a great feature of the antispyware software, allowing users to view the scans that have been performed to date, as well as all risks that have been cleared during a scan, the risks blocked by real-time protection, as well as risks blocked through email protection. Users can also reset all statistics as well.
System Requirements


  • At least an IBM Compatible 400MHZ computer with minimum 512MB RAM
  • At least 150MB of available free space on your hard drive
  • 2x CDROM
  • Internet access with at least 56Kbps connection

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2000 SP4 RollUp 1
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 (Home, Pro, Media Center, Tablet) 32 and 64-bit
  • Windows Vista+ (All flavors) 32 and 64-bit
  • Windows 7, 32 and 64-bit


Counterspy has ranked as the best antispyware software we have tested for 2011. The software is perfect for users of all levels, from first-time users to novice and advanced users looking for more control over their spyware and other malware protection.

The core antispyware power of Counterspy Antispyware 2011 is highly superior to other antispyware, offering rich and powerful, as well as convenient and highly needed features that ensure the maximum security against PC threats today. All tests we have performed with the software have been passed, as well as that of handling pre-infected machines and other functions of the software also.

Counterspy Antispyware is definitely the best and is our top recommendation for protecting your PC this year.

Even though our testing showed CounterSpy Antispyware to be 100% effective, no antispyware software can be 100% effective 100% of the time. While we believe our testing was rigorous and objective, there are always new spyware threats emerging everyday. With that in mind, even the best antispyware software can’t prevent every spyware infection, but it certainly can slow them down — and CounterSpy Antispyware 2011 is the best we’ve seen this year.

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