6 Free and Fast Public DNS Servers

In this article, we are going to deal about some of the Free and Fast DNS servers, that which helps us to browse fast and secured. All the DNS servers, that we are listing in this article are Free Public DNS Servers, that every body can use them for their Computers at Home or at Business place. DNS techonogy has made the life easier, but it would not have been possible with the various DNS servers that are present across the globe. Before we learn about the 6 free and fast public DNS servers, let us first understand what a DNS server is and how does it actually function.

What is a DNS server?

A DNS server is basically a computer that has specialised networking software, has a certain IP address and has a database of all the names of the websites and internet hosts, as well. We need one of the free and Fast DNS servers, that helps us to browse pretty fast without any hiccups.

Functions of the DNS Server

The DNS Server has the main function of storing the names of the various internet hosts that are present. Most of the people search for Fast DNS servers, that helps them to search fast. There are other support functions that are present as well, and they have been mentioned below.

Interaction with other servers that are present

The DNS server has the main purpose of storing the names of the other internet hosts that are present. Thus, there are conditions in which the server needs to interact with neighbouring servers and sometimes even store the information that is present in them.


The administration is another important function of the DNS server as it has to keep a record of all the contacts who have been assigned tasks with respect to the server.

There are many other functions that are present, but the above mentioned ate the most important ones. Now, let us check out some of the Fast Public DNS Servers.

Free and Fast DNS Servers

Here is a list of the some of the free and fast public DNS servers that are present. These DNS servers have advanced features and most importantly, you can increase your browsing speed with the help of these DNS servers that have been mentioned below.

#1. Google

The Google DNS is a great service provider that will be a great option in case you are not satisfied with the DNS service that you are using. With the Google DNS comes faster browsing speed and improved security. Google DNS is one of the free and fast DNS servers that are available currently.


#2. dns advantage

This is another Fast DNS sever that is available for free and most importantly, it has a long list of reputed companies such as Forbes that are making use of its services.


#3. OpenDNS

This is yet another public DNS service that is fast and is free of cost and the service is also very quick. The most outstanding feature of the service is that it comes with enhanced security. Also, the browsing speed is improved to a very great extent. If you are looking for secured and Fast DNS servers, then OpenDNS is one of the best options.


#4. Norton

This DNS server is a tad different from the rest as it keeps a track of the websites that are not good for your computer and the DNS is available for home as well as commercial use. This is one of the main reasons why this DNS server is preferred over others. For the basic reason, that the server limits the viewing of harmful sites and not to forget it is one of the fast DNS servers.


#5. ScrubIT

This DNS like the above mentioned Norton DNS restricts the entry of harmful sites. It is free of cost and it is one of the fast DNS servers. The noteworthy feature of this Public DNS server is that it fixes misspelt website names.


#6. Verizon

This is one of the leading DNS servers overseas and it caters to big companies. Verizon is one of the biggest market players when it comes to DNS servers and what’s more, the server is free of cost.

These are the 6 free and fast public DNS servers that are present in the market. You can use any of these keeping in mind whether you need it for home use or commercial purpose and I hope this list of fast DNS servers will help you to enhance your browsing experience.

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